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Intentional Attack

Updated: May 23, 2021

America is under an intentional attack by the enemy. This attack is meant to bring America into alignment with every other nation-state in the world. This attack is scheduled to bring about the destruction of our way of life; end our freedoms of “religion and speech”; and align us with the antichrist kingdoms of this world. This is a calculated, intentional event that is taking place right now. This is not a conspiracy. This is a reality that has been planned for a very long time.

I Peter 5: 8 (Amp), “Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour.”

America is being devoured. A strong spirit of deception is being used on some of the American people. This deception has blinded them to the biblical truth that the antichrist kingdom is not of God. They are willingly bowing their knees to this kingdom because they have been blinded to the truth and they actually believe what they are doing is right. We are living in the days where evil is being called good. There is a twisting of what is right and what is wrong. This is an intentional attack by the enemy to stop America from being the Nation God called it to be. This deception is causing good men and women to make decisions that are against God. We must see that some of our people and leaders in every area of our culture have been compromised by this spirit of deception and because of this they cannot be trusted.

This compromise is not limited to the Democratic Party, it goes deep into the Republican Party as well. When you take a deep look at the events that led up to the attack on the Capitol Buildings on January 6, 2021 you cannot ignore that the enemy has implanted his demons not only into our leaders, but also our people. The deception that is taking place continues to grow. The deception that has been taking place has been aimed at President Trump ever since he stepped foot into the Office of the President. The antichrist spirit knew that President Trump was sent by God to expose the hypocrisy and the agenda of the antichrist. From day one, President Trump was actively and persistently attacked by witches and warlocks who knew the agenda of the antichrist. Their agenda for President Trump was to silence him and keep him from doing God’s work.

President Trump has been consistent in bringing light to the darkness that is in America. Because some of the American people were dark themselves it was very easy for the spirit of deception to move in and twist the truth. It was the enemy that set up the plan to remove President Trump from office before God’s assignment for him was completed. The enemy brought the spirit of deception that formulated the cooperative plan to steal the election from President Trump and thereby set this country back spiritually. The enemy used members of both the Republican and Democratic parties to bring about his plan to intentionally destroy America.

Look around you and see what is really going on. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the many deceptions that are taking place. We stand in the midst of a country that is being dismantled by the antichrist spirit. The antichrist spirits goal is to have us come in alignment with nations who do not know God. We are fast approaching this reality. We have seen how powerful this spirit is. We witnessed this with our very own eyes on January 6, 2021. With the exception of the 6 who said no, the remaining members of Republican Party stood in agreement with darkness and voted against President Trump. They stood so tightly in unity that nothing could stop them from completing the enemy’s plan. They voted against President Trump, they voted against finding out the truth in regards to the election fraud, and they voted to silence anyone who stood in their way. They completed the job for the antichrist spirit, kicked President Trump out of office, and began their planned end of America.

Their unity was aimed at one man, President Donald J. Trump. Their unity with the enemy, set in motion a chain of events that has opened the way for more spirits of deception to come and attack President Donald J. Trump and the people of America. This really is not about President Trump. This is about a battle between light and darkness that has been pending since Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven. This battle will take place and no one will be able to stop it. The enemy will be seen for what he is and total destruction will be his end. In the meantime, the unity behind the theme of, “We cannot stand him (President Donald J. Trump),” continues to grow. This agenda started in Hell and will be destroyed by God. We must continue to stand with God.

You must know that this agenda by the enemy is intentional and continues to be supported not only by leaders in the Democratic and Republican parties but also by the Media in America. The Media has been waging war against America as well. Everything that proves that President Trump won the election fair and square has been silenced, removed from public view, and those who seek to share this information are banned on all Social Media platforms. This is all controlled by the Media. We must get our collective heads out of the sand and open our eyes to see the damage that is being done by the Biden Administration. This attack on the true American way of life has been systematic and unforgiving of anyone who refuses to bow their knee to the political machine that is standing against true freedom. We live in desperate times and the clock is forever advancing forward against the cause of truth and freedom.

I love my President. President Donald J. Trump that is. He is constantly pointing out the many hypocrisies that are rampant in the Republican Party. I wonder when the blinders will be taken off the eyes of the American people in this regard. Alas, many Americans have been compromised by this spirit of deception and are choosing to ignore the truth about what really happened on January 6, 2021. The Republicans know that the election was stolen, and they are just as guilty as the Democrats for pretending that the riot that took place was President Trumps fault. It was not.

I dislike how they characterize President Trump as a raging lunatic or a bull in a china shop. This is not his true character and nature. They are doing everything that they can to smear his name and demean his character. They get mad because President Trump points out the hypocrisy. I love what President Trump said recently. "With leaders like Mitch McConnell, they are helpless to fight," President Trump also called Mitch McConnell a “Stone cold loser”. He also went on to mock Mitch McConnell for being "helpless" to stop Joe Biden from expanding the Supreme Court.

President Trump is right about everything that he has said concerning Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party. They are intentionally working to destroy this country. They are intentionally allowing the Democrats to change laws and rules of government to fit the agenda that is set against the American people. They are intentionally working with the antichrist spirit to destroy America from the inside out. Selah.

{This article was originally posted in the Lighthouse Inc., Church's weekly printed bulletin in 2 parts starting on April 19, 2021.}

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