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Happy Thanksgiving to All of My Listeners

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I am extremely grateful for you taking the time out to listen to or read the articles from Radiant Fire Radio. You all mean a lot to me. At the time of this post you have downloaded 6,124 episodes from Radiant Fire Radio. All glory goes to God.

I want to thank my many guests speakers... My wife, Kathryn. Jeffery Steward, Aps. Da'Rain Powell, Seth Greenberg, Colleen Copeland, Ezri "Izzy" Turner, Minister Neill Russell, Mrs. Sharonda Johnson, Minister Elizabeth Cassutto, Wayne Cooley, Minister Cynthia Brown, & Duke Lamastra. You all were excellent guests and I respect your individual opinions and look forward to opportunities to chat with you again.

I want to thank my newly found brother in Christ, Daniel Weisman, working behind the scenes scoring interviews for me. (Many more to come...)

We all know that 2020 has been filled with many ups and downs from Covid-19 pandemic to the elections... you name it, we all have been through it. I praise God that we made it. When you serve God all of your steps are ordered. You may not feel like this at the time, especially if you are going through an intense trial by fire. But God orders your steps.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving remember that God loves you. He cares about you and is working on your behalf to bring you into His plan for your life. I am grateful for my wife, Kathryn. My kids - Kristopher, Andrew, & Kierstyn. Our latest addition Kalani Rose. My Mom, Brother Marcel and his family, along with my Sister Lakesha and her family. We are still here y'all. Still here. God is good. He remains faithful at all times.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving,

With much adoration & respect,

Christopher (Host of Radiant Fire Radio)

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