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Economic Collapse Is Coming...

It has been prophesied since the late 1980’s that the world economy would fall. Much speculation has gone on over the years about how it will happen and when it will happen. But not much clarity has been given. Unfortunately, people with bad motives have taken this information and used it to milk the Body of Christ out of its tithes and offerings. There has been a change in the atmosphere with more countries advancing the ideology of Socialism. Even though repeated attempts have been made throughout history to push Socialism into the world there is still a blindness to what this tactic of the enemy really does.

Nothing good has ever come from taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Despite what today’s modern prophets of Socialism teach. The economies of the world will not survive the political weight that comes from pushing Socialism upon the people. Socialism sounds good and it makes people feel good temporarily. When governments set themselves up to breakaway from the Biblical principle of work, they are condemning their nations to a life filled with poverty, greed, and corruption.

Look around the globe and see that there are a growing number to people who do not want to work. These people are demanding that their governments take care of them. They want to be fed, clothed, and housed by the government. At what cost will this come? Short term people become at ease with this system but in the long term this Socialistic mindset cripples the initiative of the people. They become enslaved to the government that is taking care of them. This brings them a false sense of security.

Consider this strange sign that is signaling the collapse of the economy is coming. Did you ever think that you were going to see the day when grown adult men and women would rather sit home and collect a check than get up and go to work to provide for their families? What these people fail to see is that the remaining working class of people bears the burden for those who are not working. This causes a strain on every aspect of the economy. If you don’t have enough workers, goods and services cannot be sold in the free market. Without goods and services being sold those who are providing those goods and services cannot afford to meet the payroll for their employees. When this takes place it causes shortages and gaps in the market. This stops trade around the world. Without this no one will be able to get fair value for their goods and services. At this point the economies of the world collapse.

There is an interdependence that takes place in these economies. If one falls, they all will fall. Heaven help us. The world does not understand how vulnerable we are to this collapse taking place and neither does the Church. The truth of the matter is because the mindset of the people of the world has gravitated away from work and more towards leisure. More time is spent on pleasure seeking than actually building a heritage for your future generations. Nothing good can from this. We are fitting into the same patterns of the 1920’s. Money was flowing and things looked good but then came the crash and everything changed. The only thing we can do is stay close to God and keep a Godly work ethic. This will keep us from being caught up in the tide of laziness that is prevailing. Selah!

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