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Bein Ha’m’tarim (Between the Dire Straits)

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

by Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch (Permission Granted to Post from her article in More Than Enough - 45th Edition July 2021)

I am sharing some important information with you as a reminder of the Jewish season Bein Ha’m’tarin. This is the time period identified as the “Basilisk” season where the Basilisk spirit is allowed to go forth through the earth and touch God’s people.

For 2021 this season started on June 27, and will end on the evening of July 17, 2021. This season is a three-week cycle that begins every year on the 17th of Tammuz extending until the 9th of Av on the Judaic calendar. I want you to understand the importance of

the great need for consecration, repentance and prayer.

Our Nation and the American Church is under attack and we need an extraordinary prayer covering during this time. The Basilisk spirit is a great enemy of the Cross, has authority to release extensive destruction and misery in the earth, especially if unopposed by the praying Church.

“Basilisk is the exemplification of the devil himself whose primary purpose is death and destruction. The natural physical death resulting from this spirit is derived from plagues, sickness & disease, natural disasters and even terrorism. Its origin can be traced all the way back to ancient Israel. The Egyptians worshiped this spirit as “the lord and king of serpents to awe all others, nor to be destroyed by any”. They displayed a crowned

basilisk on the heads of their gods as observed in the Bembine table and other Egyptian

monuments. This demonstrates satan’s attempt to elevate himself above God as an object of worship... ” (Bob Jones 1996)

The basilisk spirit is different from most spirits because this prince of darkness does not even require the darkness of night to operate. He can operate and even prevail in the brightness of the noonday. Though he does not require the darkness of night, like all evil spirits, he prefers to be hidden in darkness. The darkness that is within the Church is an excellent cover for this spirit to hide behind. The prayerlessness of the Church gives this

spirit more power to do harm to God’s people.

The word Basilisk is derived from basiliskos meaning “kinglet” or “king” signifying a mythical reptile hatched by a serpent from a cock’s egg. In Scripture, Basilisk is sometimes translated “cockatrice” or “adder.” The Hebrew word for Basilisk occurs in Psalms 91:13, Isaiah 14:29, Isaiah 11:8, Isaiah 59:5, Proverbs 23:32 and Jeremiah 8:17.

During this season we need to take extra time to intercede not only for ourselves but for other members of the Body of Christ. You need to understand that we need each other like never before. The key to defeating this spirit in this season is using the authority of Christ. Repentance will always bring forth times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord. Genuine sorrow that is not merely the articulation of our mouths but the incentives of our hearts will also paved the way for the impartation of righteousness and divine authority necessary for defeating our enemies.

Scriptures declare that our Savior came into this world to destroy the works of the devil. He has chosen His Church as the instrument through which this victory is to be manifested.

Daniel 9 records the great prophet repenting for his sins and those of his people, leadership and forefathers for not having obeyed the Word of the Lord to obediently walk

in His teachings. Like Israel of old, we have allowed the spirit of the world to invade our lives promoting compromise and spiritual error. Sincere repentance will touch the heart of the Father releasing the spiritual ‘ammunition’ to defeat Basilisk.

Psalm 91 has been given to us as a Scripture of protection, an instrument of war against this evil spirit. The Church has been given authority over all the power of the enemy… authority and victory in Christ must be rightly appropriated through the Body. We need to use Psalm 91, the Blood of Jesus Christ, and Michael the Archangel as needed. (Read Psalm 91 Daily)

The Lord has given specific permission to call upon Heaven for the release and activation of the mighty warring angels, including the distinguished Archangel Michael. Repentance and steadfast faith in the declared Word provides a protection against this identified enemy. In so doing, our sanctified hearts would then be prepared for the release of the

divine authority necessary to defeat this enemy. The Scripture declares our foot shall be placed upon the scorpion and the basilisk, not because of any strength of our own, but because of the great victory appropriated to us through Christ.

The Church has been given authority to deal with this spirit, yet mankind has perished throughout history because of lack of knowledge concerning this enemy and the appropriate application of our Savior’s triumph over all opposition.

Church we have all power and authority through Christ. We must stand together in unity to fight this spirit. Our Father will be with us. He will send His angelic army to rescue us. Keep your eyes on Him. He will never fail you.

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