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Anti-Biden Voices Being Censored on Social Media

Updated: May 23, 2021

You are not as free as you used to be.

Every second of every day your right to free speech afforded to you by the Constitution is being taken from you. At this point in time, it appears that those who are in agreement with Biden and his cohorts have the power to shut you up in every sense of the word. They have the power to silence us, and they are not afraid to use this power. This censorship has been going on since social media outlets began a coordinated ban on anything that President Trump said. Many people are finding out now that this ban is not just on President Trump, but it is on everyday regular people.

This has impacted those who are choosing to speak out and share information on what is going on in this country. This attack has never been so strong or so coordinated as it is against those who support the truth. We can no longer consider the media and social media an ally. Social media outlets are driving anyone who does not agree with them off of their platforms. The media is not sharing news that is relevant or deemed to be in-conflict with Biden’s administration. Contrast this with the daily barrages of insults, criticisms, and put downs against President Trump and you can see the unfair advantage the media has over us.

I have had posts on social media scrubbed and removed. They claimed that the information that was posted was a violation of their standards for their community. There is no one to come to your rescue when this occurs. If someone in the community deems your information offensive or in contrast to them then in steps big brother to bring them justice. It does not matter if the information is true. It only matters that someone was offended. I recently discovered that Sis. Cynthia Brown, a longtime friend of the Lighthouse Inc., Church, was banned for thirty days from Facebook. Her crime, she gave out information on Joe Biden that was factual, but Facebook deemed it offensive and inappropriate. They said this information was not part of their language or culture. She received two warnings and then a thirty-day ban.

You are not as free as you used to be.

There is a concentrated effort to silence any voice that speaks the truth. Whether that voice is a political figure or anyone who is just sharing information. While this is going on in the background there is a constant campaign of misinformation that is occurring. The truth about what Biden is doing is being hidden. We must not sit back and allow this censorship to continue. We must ban together with other voices who are speaking the truth. We must start our own media outlets and publishing companies. We must develop our own social media networks and websites to help combat the misinformation. Let’s fight against the censorship by becoming voices for truth. Don’t just lay down and die. Stand and speak the truth or forever be silenced by those who will not tell your story.


{This article was originally posted in the Lighthouse Inc., Church's weekly printed bulletin on May 2, 2021.}


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