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A Disturbing Trend Amongst My Peer Group…

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I was at a meeting today with a group of Christians who are concerned about politics in Delaware. I felt the Lord told me to look around. Then He said observe… “What do you see? I observed that my peer group (Generation X) was virtually nonexistent at this meeting. My brother and sisters peer group (Generation Y) was not represented at all. My children's peer group (Generation Z or more the “Millennials”) were also not represented at this meeting.

I tuned out from what was being said by the speaker who happens to be in my peer group. I have known her for 25 plus years. She's a hard worker and dedicated to the cause of Christ. She’s committed to making sure that the Christian voice is heard in politics. She has been through the furnace of affliction many times. She has been threatened with violence against herself and her family. She has stood by herself when no one else would help her. I would argue that her passion for Christ has grown stronger over the years. I know that there are others just like her. They are out there working very hard in Generation X, Y, Z. They are hidden and they are going to be the new leaders that will arise and carry the mantles from the Generations before us.

These mantles are not being abandoned. The enemy is killing off the “Older Generations” before their time. The “Older Generation” has more passion and drive than all of the generations combined. There is something that is different about the “Older Generation”. They know how to fight. They knew how to give their all for a cause. I see this now more than ever and we need the “Older Generations” to teach us, transfer this anointing into us so that we can take the baton and run with it like they did. I have seen the battlefield it is very bloody. There are many wounded people still carrying the fight to the enemy. Many of them are the “Older Generations” who have the tenacity that we need to move forward and propel the “Armies of God forth”.

As I drifted in and out of what was being said, what I feel like the Lord was trying to show me was that the enemy is working very hard at killing off the “Older Generations” because the younger ones are not focused on working for the Lord. I feel a sense of danger and urgency surrounding this. Who is going to step up and replace these older ones who are being killed off by the enemy? Who is going to step up and join forces with the ones who are still in the fight? I feel now more than ever we need to recognize the value that we have in the “Older Generations” and start listening to the wisdom that they have through experiences with the Lord.

I don't know where my peers are at. I know over 60 million of us have been aborted. The others are severely dependent on some type of substance, some are extremely perverted, the others have no interest in God whatsoever. Even in this there is a remnant in Generation X, Y, & Z. Will it be enough to stay the tide of darkness that is freely running through the streets of the United States? We need reinforcements. We need them desperately. The only way for them to come is for the Holy Spirit to be so strong that He draws them into His house. There has to be people committed to the cause. Dedicated to the bone and serving the Lord with all of their heart. It's going to be interesting in the days ahead to see how all of this plays out.

To those in the “Older Generations” keep doing what you're doing. It has to be hard but there is a purpose to it. You are making an impact. Without you we would already be done. I remember David saying to his older brothers when they would not fight Goliath. “Is there not a cause?” meaning is there not a reason to stand up and defeat the enemy totally, and completely? Somehow there has to be a way to convince Generation X, Y, and Z that there is a “cause” and they need to join the fight. I don't see it being done without them. I know the “Older Generation” has done everything in their power to try to explain the dangers that we are facing and for some reason this is not being heard. This has to go to the four corners of the earth and there has to be a change of heart. I pray it is not too late to change this disturbing trend amongst my peer group, and the other peer groups who follow behind me. Selah

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