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Pt 1 - Analysis of Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin.

Updated: Mar 3

Christopher shares thoughts and insights about the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin that was conducted on February 6, 2024. Listen as Christiopher shares.

Part 1 - Christopher does an analysis of the Interview that Tucker Carlson had with Vladimir Putin. We want the truth. We can like the personality, but our allegiance should the truth. We need to be vigilant about what's being told to us about what's really going on in Ukraine.

Our media is being used against us and we need to see the truths that are clear. Vladimir Putin answered the cries of his people who were being oppressed. Tucker went into this interview with a preconceived thought. That thought was that Putin is after world domination. He is not. I believe that Putin had hopes that Tucker Carlson with his background in history would take this interview seriously. Putin was disappointed. Putin goes into a very detailed history of the formation of Ukraine. Listen as I break this down.



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