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Pt 5 - Analysis of Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin.

Updated: 2 days ago

Christopher shares thoughts and insights about the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin that was conducted on February 6, 2024. Listen as Christopher shares.

Part 5 of this analysis... Putin Speaks Out: Denazification and the Future of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is talking about the neo nazi conflict that's going on within Ukraine. And the things that he's been trying to point out to us, to show us, that this is a real problem. And it's not so much that it's just a real problem. It's something that the world should be working on trying to help fix. The main part was that there was not going to be any war against the people. We didn't want any military weapons being used against the Ukrainian Russian people that were there. This is a bonus. This is good. We're getting rid of the nazi stuff, too. Listen as Christopher shares are reveals more.




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