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Jennifer Martin: "Women, Your Season of Birthing Is Here!"

Updated: 2 days ago

Christopher and Kathryn shares thoughts and insights on this prophetic article written by Jennifer Martin: "Women, Your Season of Birthing Is Here!" This article is timely in how it shows that women need to be encouraged to allow the Lord to use them.

I like supporting women's ministry. And when I heard this prophetic word, I was stirred on the inner part of my soul about how the women need to hear this. And the depth of it, I think, applies to a lot of new up and coming people who are in the ministry, new up and coming women who are in the ministry and who are not getting properly supported by the males that are within our community. And I deeply wanted to get this message out because I think it should encourage you. It encouraged me.

Listen as Christopher and Kathryn share.

Here is a link to the prophetic article - click here



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