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Get Rid of Your Hope for a Third Party Changing Things.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The Democrat and Republican Parties of the United States have been the ruling parties of this country for decades. Speculation is rising and many people are trying to determine what President Trump’s next move will be. One theory that is running the circuit is for President Trump to start a brand-new party. This a great idea that is not going to work because there is an assumption that is being made. This assumption is that the ruling parties are going to sit back and do nothing while this “new” party is being birthed forth. This is not going to happen.

Do you honestly believe that they are just going to sit idly by and let President Trump and his followers start and build a new party without them interfering with it? You have another think coming if you believe this. I get it. People are mad and frustrated because the swamp keeps doing whatever it wants with no consequences to them. People are upset about the election and they want something done about it. People feel like they have been lied to and cheated on by the Republican Party and they are sick of it. They do not want to be lied to or used like that anymore.

The hope is that this “new” party will overrun and out do the Republican Party. This is a noble prospect and would be welcomed by many. However, a lesser-known truth is that there are already 223 additional parties recognized in the United States. One more party added into the mix would not break up the power-filled behind the scenes deals that have been made between the Democrat and Republican Parties who are operating out of the swamp.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

There were a lot of “good” men in the Republican and Democrat parties who did not join forces with the few who were trying to stop what was going on behind the scenes after it was clear that there were irregularities in the vote from November 3, 2020. There is conclusive evidence that was presented to these men. They know what happened. They know about the fraud. They know about the corruption, but these “good” men refused and are refusing to do anything. It is in their power even now to stop the lies but they made a choice on January 6, 2021 after a pretend riot to stand with those who are working behind the scenes to destroy our country.

This refusal to stand up is the reason why these “good” men must now be counted among those who are “bad”. These “good” men traded in their conscience and whatever “goodness” they had left to be a part of the swamp. This massive network against truth and righteousness has been underestimated. They literally silenced a sitting President for a little over 2 months. This is unheard of. But this is the power of the swamp. Another party will not be able to overcome the swamp. The swamp must be drained and shut down. If the swamp is not shut down, it will not matter what new party comes along those in that swamp will do everything in their power to shut down that new party.

We must start thinking differently about what is going on with the swamp. We cannot tolerate the swamps existence. As long as the swamp exists, we are subject to whatever the swamp deems is ok. It was the people in the swamp both Democrats and Republicans who set up ambushes against President Trump. This did not just start on November 3, 2020. This has been going on ever since President Trump announced that he was running for the Office of the President. They have been relentless in their pursuit to degrade his character and his performance. Even now we are hearing that the members of Congress are carrying forth an impeachment trial against a man who is not even sitting in a political office, but they feel it is ok to carry on with this charade. Shame on them.

These swamp people have been around for a long time and they like their power. They like the benefits that come from being in the swamp. They are not about to just walk away from all their free benefits that they have achieved. They are not going to just lay down and quit. They are committed to keeping their benefits. They are committed to bringing this country down. Keeping this country under their control because “good” men are still doing nothing. These “good” men are denying that it is their responsibility to stand up to this corruption. This is a lie. It is their responsibility as “Statesmen” to stand up for our republic, yet they choose to ignore the handwriting on the wall. They choose to ignore sworn testimony of forensic scientists and eyewitness accounts of irregularities at the polls.

This hope for a third party to come in and change everything will prove to be time consuming. Time is something that we do not have. If this is done, think about the time that it would take for President Trump to set this up. Think about the effort that would be needed to get it off the ground. Now add in the truth that those who fought against President Trump while he was the President are still fighting against him today. They are not just gonna walk away. We cannot waste time by living in a fantasy. The enemy is real, and he knows very well how to stall for time.


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