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Engaged in Guerilla Warfare, Corrupt Political Organizations…

We are still in one of the biggest political battles of our lives. One of the toughest types of warfare that can be encountered in modern times is guerilla warfare. The tactics of guerilla warfare dictate that your enemy works in stealth. Often conducting warfare tactics against you by irregular methods. They are often hidden in shadows, layered in relationships, and covered over by continuous streams of lies. It takes great discernment to know who your friends and enemies are. The ability to sift through agendas and personal causes makes guerilla warfare one of the most effective tools that an enemy can use.

Unless you have studied war and been engaged in conflicts it is very difficult for kindhearted, easy-going people to comprehend how evil the enemy can be. We are conditioned to be forgiving, loving, and to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to politics. We often downplay the real intentions of those who appear to be light only to discover that they are dark and really love working for darkness. It is in our nature to want to redeem these people and get them saved. Like Pharoah, Judas, and many others in the Bible this will never ever happen. We must be ok with this.

There are good people in all of the political organizations that are out there. They need to be covered in prayer. They mean well. They really want a good outcome for our country. Unfortunately, in the midst of these good people are some very bad people. Sometimes they are leaders and organizers of these political organizations; sometimes they are the lower-level people within these organizations. All of these bad people have been tasked by satan to wreak havoc and destruction within our nation. This being said we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

We are being bombarded with messages via email and social media begging us to give and donate to their cause. Something is off. Where were these people when President Trump needed them? They were no where to be found. They didn’t help. They in fact turned their back on him when he needed them the most. We now know that they were hidden in these political organizations waiting for their opportunity to use guerilla warfare against President Trump and us who support him. They believe that we are stupid, uneducated, backwoods retards who will just follow them because they use President Trumps images and words in their emails and messages to us.

President Trump has asked us to not support these political organizations who did not support him. He said, “No more money for Republicans in Name Only”. Meaning there are political organizations who really do not believe in Republican values. He even sued the ones who are misusing his pictures and words. Yet these political organizations continue to cry, beg, and demand we give to them. They are doing nothing to help President Trump with these monies they are collecting. We need to support the legitimate political organizations like Mike Lindell and abandon those who abandoned President Trump. This is the only way to stop them.

The battle for truth and justice has been placed in our hands. The only hope for change of these political organizations is to fill them with Godly people or if this not achievable then we need them dismantled altogether. There is a petition from Mike Lindell. Please sign it. Go to and make your voice heard. Mike Lindell is asking for any money to sign this petition. They just need your support.

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