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Radiant Fire Radio Podcasts

Excellence in Truth Podcasts

Podcasting is a tool that can be used for God.  This podcast brings the truth to you in a way that will cause you to think.  Radiant Fire Radio Ministries started out on Heaven 1600 Am in the nineties.  It died and was resurrected as a podcast for the Terminal Generation.  I want to communicate with you.  I want to point you to the truth.  You can make your own decision after that, but you will never be able to say that you never heard the truth.

I am offering you a mixture of my beliefs that are based on the Holy Scriptures and some prophetic utterances that the Lord has shared with me.  You will find Biblical commentary, political commentary, messages on the news of the day and much more.  It is my hope that these messages will challenge you, inspire you, but also encourage you to go deeper in Christ.  

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