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Pray for Mike Lindell

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I am asking you to pray for Mike Lindell and his family. He is taking a big stand for the truth and you need to pray for him and his family as they stand for the truth.

Here is a link ( that you need to view and listen at.

the site that shows proof of what has been going on since November 3, 2020. God does not lie. He never has. Hopefully the American people will wake up.

We are being censored by the government and by those in the Church who do not want the truth to come out because they don't want God.

The truth will come out and vindication will come to those who need to be vindicated will be vindicated. The silencers are coming. We cannot be ignored. Justice will come.

Pray like never before.

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Thanks for joining us!

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