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My Heart Yearns for My People Israel

Updated: May 22, 2021

A prophetic word.

"My heart yearns for My people. It doesn’t look like it to the natural eye, but I am working behind the scenes to bring Israel My people into their rightful birthplace in Me. I will never leave them or forsake them. My love burns for them. Despite what you see going on in Israel, I am in full and complete control. I am working My plan. I am causing the world to see that My people will be protected at all costs. The forces of darkness will bow their knees and My chosen people will be honored above all other nations.

I will not be moved. I am sending Israel the help that she needs. This help will not come from man. It will come from My mighty right hand. The weapons that I have fashioned for those who come against My chosen people are far more devastating than man can make. I will get justice for My people and every drop of blood that has been spilled will be accounted for. Not one drop will go unnoticed.

There is a new wind blowing over Israel. My wind of change. My wind of rebirthing. She shall come forth like never before and this time she will not fall. She has been crying out to Me for change and I am bringing change to My chosen people. None truly comprehends the depth of what it is that I am doing in this time period. But the day is coming where it will be as plain as the noses on your faces. Many are seeking for things that will profit them nothing. My Son is soon to return to this earth realm and when He comes, He will be followed by My armies from Heaven.

I have created the bow and the black smith. Few can see the weapons that I have set in ambushments against My enemies. They are in place whether you comprehend them or not Let it be known that all who chose to come against My chosen people will face My never-ending wrath. There are many things playing out behind the scenes that will prepare the world for My glory to be brought forth. I am a jealous God and all who refuse Me will bow their knee in shame and disgrace and then I will banish them from My presence for all of eternity.

Do not underestimate Me. Do not for one second think that I have forgotten My chosen people. Israel is Mine. Their claim to the land goes all the way back to My promise to Abraham. I cannot forget what I promised to Abraham and neither will I relent of My love for My people. Judgment has been taking place in My houses all over the world. I have sent forth My angels to mark the wheat from the tares. I am preparing to separate, and all will know that I am an everlasting Father who never backs down when it comes to honoring My words. I will honor My children. I will prosper them in all ways. Just you wait and see."


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