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Love, is the Only Real Answer

From Genesis to Revelation are written truths that unravel the deepest mysteries that life can throw at any human being. What is written in these books has confounded many wise people. There are many undeniable truths in the Word of God that remain undisputed by science and modern technology.

No matter how hard the enemy tries he cannot hide the most compelling truth to all of life’s problems. That truth is that LOVE is the only real answer. We are setting in the midst of some real spiritual battles in this hour and all of them require the gift of love to be applied properly to these situations. If LOVE is not applied then you can expect little change or breakthrough to occur. Love is needed because it removes corruption in all of its forms.

If you are walking in LOVE, you cannot be greedy because your Spirit man will push you and challenge you into a state of being better. If you are walking in LOVE, there would be no need for the government to take care of homelessness, poor healthcare, poverty, etc. It would be removed because LOVE in people will help to ensure that there is no homelessness, there are no poor people, only good healthcare would be provided, no one would be poor, etc.

Love was, is, and always will be the answer.


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