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Joe Biden, Ahab & Jezebel

People of God, there is a spiritual war that is going on in the heavenlies over this Nation. The ahab & jezebel spirit are working behind the scenes in many ways to work a plan that will bring forth the destruction of these United States. Intercessors and people of God alike, while many Christians are being distracted with defending President Trump at every turn. We have to become spiritually aware of the battle lines that have been drawn in the Spirit realm.

The enemy is always strategic. He does nothing without forethought and planning. The Christianity community is busy celebrating the access that has been granted to them by God’s man, (President Trump) but complacency and lethargy are growing at unprecedented rates. The deception amongst the people of God continues to grow.

Have you looked at the Church recently? Why are so many still empty? Why is the power of God still not able to move the way that God wants it to move? The Church is ignoring the ahab/jezebel spirit that is working behind the scenes. We need to see something profound in the Spirit. How can a man who has done so much wrong, stolen from so many people, and has a problem keeping his hands off of women and little children be the number one democratic front runner for the 2020 Democratic party?

What many in the Church are not trumpeting in this season is the truth that Joe Biden walks under an ahab spirit. He clearly demonstrates the following character traits of an ahab spirit. Ahab in the Bible was tolerant of all religions and all lifestyles. Coming from a Roman Catholic background Biden has changed his positions on abortion, homosexuality, racism, etc, and they are not in alignment with the Catholic Church or God’s church. Another characteristic of an ahab spirit is that it loves its positions of power and authority and will do anything to keep it. Biden was a United States Senator for over 42 years before he became Vice President of the United States for 8 years. This alone does not make him an ahab but the things that he has done with his power that have been illegal, immoral, and unethical cause him to fall right in line with the biblical definition of an ahab spirit.

How can this ahab spirit come from being in last place (#20 of a 20 person race) in the beginning part of the 2020 Democratic primary and now is the #1 democratic candidate? That’s not the real question. The real question is what jezebel spirit is moving heaven and earth to give him Naboth’s vineyard (Our modern day 2020 Democratic Nomination)? This man or woman is performing some very powerful witchcraft to ensure that their ahab gets the nomination for the Democratic Nomination.


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