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God is still God, Covid 19 (Corona Virus)

The last time I did a deep check, I found that God is still on the throne. I am not being trite. I am stating a fact that I know is very important for you to get into your Spirit man. Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is a very real situation that is causing some very real deaths. This has not changed God or the plans that He has.

Here is another thought. God knew that Covid 19 (Corona Virus) was going to come on the scene. He knew that people are/will die from it. This doesn’t change God. This doesn’t stop Him from being God. It reaffirms His character and His nature in so many ways.

Do you need to walk in fear? Absolutely not! Do you need to join in the mass hysteria that is brewing in the Spirit realm over Covid 19 (Corona Virus)? Absolutely not! Do you need to react to Covid 19 (Corona Virus) in the way that the world is reacting? Absolutely not!

Many years ago, God spoke through seasoned prophets and said that there were going to be new diseases that would come on the scene and they would cause devastation and destruction. Years ago these same prophets saw new plagues being released into the land. Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is a confirmation of scripture and the prophetic word that God has spoken from the very beginning of time.

These are events and circumstances that must happen so that God’s Word is completed and fulfilled. There is an urgency in the Spirit realm and many demons have been placed on assignment by the enemy. The demons are working together behind the scenes to bring about satan last great onslaught. Satan and the demons that work under his command are out for total destruction. This should not place you in a corner cowering in fear. Rather this should compel you to go forth and fulfill the “Great Commission”.

The harvest is ripe but there are not enough laborers to go into the harvest field for God and brings in the sheaves. When you are focused on the Spirit and disconnected from the world and its way of doing things, you will be able to function in the Spirit and bring in the harvest.

It has been prophesied that there is day of reckoning coming. On this day, many in the Church who are not walking in the Spirit will go into gross darkness and never come out. Deception is running its course and the fruit of that deception is being eaten. Make sure you are not a part of the deception.

Is Covid 19 (Corona Virus) dangerous? Absolutely! Should you do common sense type things to prepare yourself and your family? Absolutely! Can you do it in a way that gives God glory? Absolutely! We must understand how God works and be in tune with Him at all times. Covid 19 (Corona Virus) in some way shape or form is a part of God’s plan for this “End Time Hour”. Let’s partner with God in this season. He is still on the throne.


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