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Bright Electrical Solutions, Lifestyle Changes with Intermittent Fasting, & Dr. Pradip Jamnadas.

Christopher sends a shout out to his friends Brett & Nick at Bright Electrical Solutions, and then share his thoughts and insights about my new lifestyle Changes with Intermittent Fasting, & Dr. Pradip Jamnadas' material on Youtube.



Article: "Fasting: From Dr. Pradip Jamnadas"

Since the Lord has called us to fast in these days, I felt like this information would be helpful for us to learn and grow. First, we know that the Bible says that we are to fast because fasting crucifies our flesh. In addition, there are biochemistry processes God created to work in our bodies for fasting. The medical community has changed its position on fasting. Let’s see what they have learned and are now sharing with us.

We all know that the medical community has been against fasting for years. They pretty much told you that you were crazy if you fast. They were adamantly against anyone who fasted. I remember Pastor Barbara related a story of a time when she had been on a 40-day fast. The fast was over and she began to eat again and had gotten hold of a rotten egg, which made her deathly ill. Her mother took her to the doctor. After a brief examination her mother revealed to the doctor that she had been fasting. The doctor ended the examination and pretty much threw her out of the office. Sad. Fortunately, doctors are now changing their viewpoint and they are exploring the benefits of fasting.

I want to share some points that Dr. Pradip Jamnadas has learned. He believes that our body is made to fast and to feast. We should be fasting and feasting as well. I am pretty sure we have the feasting part down so we will move on to fasting. Many people think that if they fast they are going to die. This is not true. Our body is designed to fast. The period while you sleep is considered fasting. You are not consuming food while you sleep.

Eating is an energy consuming activity. We don't think of it like that. All we think about it is the eating. If you put in 100 calories of food into your body, it takes 60 to 70 calories of your body to complete digestion. When you are eating your body consumes a lot of energy. On some levels eating is dangerous. God has put into you a biochemistry. When you stop eating in the first 12 hours. Your body is going to say, no food coming out. Your body is going to wipe up all the glycogen that is in your liver and in your muscles. That's a normal process. It's going to use glycogen. Your sugar level or your glucose level will be maintained. This is what sustains you during your fast.

Fasting is the mechanism by which God cleans the cells out of your body. Many people do not know that the biochemistry of your body is designed by God to work for you. You have plenty of protein, any vitamins you have taken will last for 30 days, and your body will supply the energy you need to with the waste that has remained in your cells. Most people today have 500 calories from fat in their body to sustain them for at least 40 days, according to Dr. Jamnadas. As we eat we store this fat and when we fast we use this fat to survive. When the body senses that no food is coming in, your biochemistry kicks and the fat stores inside of you begin to burn.

This is simple information but it’s interesting to know. I will share more of what Dr. Jamnadas found our next edition.

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