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A Must Watch - Prayer Back In School

A Must Watch - Prayer Back In School (sent by Neill Russell) at bottom of this page

Below is my (Elizabeth's) commentary. Lightbeacon Ministries [After having seen the wonderful clip sent by  below:


   A dream. A Word.  A Warning.       Elizabeth of LightBeacon Ministries & Services, Inc

   Something you'll never see on news outlets that hate anything & anyone who loves God or this country or this President. This President passed  hundreds of bills  into legislation protecting freedoms for the unborn, & the born. (MSNBC, CNN wont report it, it goes against their agenda). He just signed legislation that it will now be allowed to pray in schools again. The radical dems radicals HATE this. Leading atheists sit on NEA (Ed.assoc. & school boards). This President pardoned 37 people since 2016, some people who were jailed for doing the work of the gospel (like Danrsh D'sousa). None of them were terrorists who want to kill you & me, or destroy America. 

    Yet Pres. Obama – exercising his acts of clemency, had given 1,715 presidential acts of commutations, with 504 of them for life-sentences; and 212 of them as pardons. (Let me refresh you to what crimes get a prisoner a life-sentence: drug trafficking, murder, child rape, espionage, treason, terrorism, and the like). These aren't for simple traffic-offenses. Murderers, terrorists, child-abusers and anarchists, (with our without remorse) got a free-pass, a 'get out of jail card' – free of charge, thanks to Pres. Obama. Yet, under President Trump's Administration, since 2016, his executive clemency privileges' cleared 25 individuals, many of them patriots and honorable men of the military unjustly sentenced. Even the Christian movie producer Dinesh D'Souza, who produced (soon-to-be-released) "Trump Card 2020", "Death of a Nation 2018", and "Hillary's America 2016" landed him in jail under a made-up charge. Why? Because the truth got out! The same spirit that wanted to kill Jesus (think Caiaphas & the Sanhedrin) wanted to 'shut him up'. The people loved the truth – it was those who were threatened by the government of truth – the Kingdom of God – who always try to squelch the truth. Because they were secretly serving their own agenda's (not God's). So – they were in essence, serving satan. Jesus said you can't serve 2 Masters. You choose one or the other. God's Kingdom (which is always truth) is always a threat to self. (power, greed, control). So God's kingdom is always a threat to the kingdom of this world, which is under the dark reign of satan. So I guess the real question is: whose kingdom are you serving? God, or satans. Just like our President stood against a fake impeachment trial and fake charges, Caiaphas, the high priest, had trumped up charges against Jesus, like 'a quick hearing and debate' Acts 4:3, 5:17. Seems President Trump's fake 'impeachment trial' levied against him wasn't the first in history. Jesus faced the fakes, frauds and fools in his day too. There is no middle ground. Jesus said 'you are either with me or against me'.  Matthew 12:30. No middle ground anymore.

    Under Obamas' reign, terrorists, Islamic radicals, anti-Semites and hater of all things good were frequent guests at the White House;  while those who opposed deep-state tactics were labeled radicals and Christian fundamentalists.  So, whose kingdom is really helping the country? Our President does what the bible says to do: call evil for what it is – evil, and call those who support what is good (law & righteousness)...good. When he called the MS13 child rapists and torturers 'animals'...why Pelosi and her crew went ballistic, calling him racist and a hater. Yet to defend those who love to torture, kill and violate the innocent is evil in itself. The Word of God tells us what will happen to those who harm the innocent ones (Luke 17:2). You are doing the murderer the greatest kindness possible by showing him his evil and pleading with him to repent – or – he will inherit hell forever. And not to tell someone they are going to hell for their murderous ways is what Ezekiel 3:17-19 says is severe truth. WE (the believers) are in trouble with God is WE DO NOT WARN THEM OF THE DANGER TO COME. It's that simple. A leader who tells the truth has God's favor and grace on him, liars inherit hell. A leader who lies for votes or political power will never see the Kingdom of Heaven. It's in the Word.  It's not rocket science – it's simple math.  

No wonder the bible says people will follow the Antichrist. The masses who can't or won't discern & apply truth from fiction "will believe the lie – because they love not the truth".  They no longer discern the truth.(2nd Thess. 2: 10-12). They can't see what's happening in their own times and seasons. They can't apply current events to what the Bible said will happen. Living in a smokescreen - believing any lie -because they don't read the bible in one hand and listen to the news in the other. They've lived so long in 'the grey zone' – they can't discern the color white and black. They can't see through the lies; because really, they don't want to.

   This morning, I woke up from a dream, and to cut to the chase of it, there was a scene where there was a huge roller-coaster – hundreds of feet high. And I knew it represented the Judeo-Christian culture. And right alongside of it – in the same huge park was a roller coaster of the same height – and it had Islamic script on it – I knew it represented that culture which is influencing the whole world. In the next scenes , as I was going here and there, and trying to catch up with my 'tour guide' to walk through Israel, (I was in America and Israel at the same time),  I kept seeing classrooms and even labs (like in medical schoolrooms). I was in and out of classrooms and I was trying to explain to the teachers – 'something's wrong here – you are giving these young ones the wrong information' . And I was trying as fast as I could go to catch up with my Israeli tour group, but was walking alone, going here and there, trying to tell people or warn them, but no one was listening. (The scene looked like a mix of Epcot Center and a large park with classrooms) . Then I woke up.  As I went about my morning, I filed this 6 a.m. dream (as one of many I seem to have these days), that are a mish-mosh of this n' that. Some dreams are very clear, and I know are from the Lord, some are warnings, some are to pray for others. Some I don't get at all. Yet, as now that I am sitting to write this post to you – I get it. The Spirit of the Lord was giving me a 'heads up' on what I am writing to you now, later in day. I was getting heaven's 'coming attractions'  if you will, of Daniel 7, 8, 9. The Middle-East Peace Plan that President Trump & Prime Minister Netanyahu were working on for last few years is so fiercely hated by the antichrist and his 'employees' – those who are part of that antichrist, globalist spirit parading through the earth, that they will stop at nothing to try to keep it from coming to pass. Most inhabitants of the sea of humanity are living the up and down roller coaster of life, as if they are in Disneyland, with no real sense of the urgency of the time.

As my dear (late) husband, Dr. Ben,  (a son of holocaust survivors), used to say:

"The antichrist KNOWS his days are numbered, his time is short, when this (what is happening between U.S. and Israel now) happens, because his world reign is almost up: he KNOWS the bible better than most Christians. He knows the Son of God, the Messiah will be coming back to put him out of business in a short time". 

Dr. Ben was right – the prophecies of the bible tell us that. But most Christians don't understand this present world system is pushing with all of its might against the KINGGDOM OF GOD being announced. Well, it's here: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOW!  No wonder the masses are always deceived. They don't discern reality from smokescreens. People want to believe a lie when they wont accept reality of what the Word says. Seperate truth from fiction. 

      Don't believe the smooth-talking MSNBC, CNN talking heads with no fruit of repentance. Terrorism is still terrorism, atheism is still atheism, murder is still murder.  Smooth-talking political pundits will be the first ones to promote the antichrist. (They already push his agendas). Don't you have any idea what laws they're trying to undo and which ones are trying to pass? The seed is always in the fruit: forget what they say; look at their past and present VOTING RECORDS, who they endorse and whom they condemn. That will tell you ALL you need to know. THE SEED IS ALWAYS IN THE FRUIT. Words mean nothing without corresponding actions.  

  The  prophets of God were not politically correct their day - but they were right w/ God, and preached repentance to their countrymen. They were spiritually accurate.  Newsflash America: MSNBC & CNN isn't your friend. They hate the America you love. Their stated goals are to change it to 'their "re-imagined" image. They hate the values you hold dear. Why wont you believe it? Why are you still listening to voices who make no secret of what they hate and what they love. Why do you support their agenda & values. Is your political party affiliation more important that voting out evil: abortion, violence, anarchy and mob-mentality.  Call it what it is! Evil to the core.

You know in your heart God put this President in office. Why in the world would you listen to someone who hates what God loves; and loves what God hates.  I can't figure out why Spirit-filled believers would believe the media, news, deep State agenda of Lies. Is there no duscernment anymore? The Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's in Germany who lost his life for warning his beloved countrymen of Hitler's evil found few of the religious who would stand with him, but he said it was his duty to tell the truth and warn the people; it cost him his life. The writer & political dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of Russia tried to warn his countrymen of the narratives and political lies that would destroy the society, history proved him prophetic also. And 245 years ago, when Patrick Henry gave a speech at the 2nd Virginia Convention, at St. Johns Church in Richmond, he boldly declared "Give me liberty, or give me death".  There is a Revolution taking place in the hearts' of many Americans in this hour: it is a revolt against something far more sinister than the communistic manifesto being taught in our schools, the socialist paradigms being touted as good in government;  it is the swarmy satanic smokescreen of the eroding of truth: because people have forgotten their God, and the stone from which they were hewn (Isaiah 51:1). Most of my countrymen can see the rising Nazi, Communist, Socialist and now satanic writings-on-the-wall; yet how many, when the time comes, will have the courage and fortitude to 'pursue and overtake them'. 1st Samuel 30:8    Take praying for President Trump seriously. It is not just this country's freedom & liberty depends on this election; it is the world system as we know it: As goes America, so will go the world. There are only 2 nations now that are and can fight the rising tide of evil today; and the enemy is battering hard against both. America, which began as a Republic, operating as a democracy, in a free and autonomous sovereignty. And Israel, a theocracy, a democracy, with parliamentary procedures. Both nations have God's Word in the Judicial and Legislative actions. If we don't stand, the enemy has a free-rode to kill and destroy life for billions. It's that urgent. PRAY. 1st chronicles 12 - the Sons of Issachar understood their 'times & seasons' & could discern the times. So must we.   

                                   Elizabeth –   LightBeacon Ministries & Services Inc

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President Trump signed into law historic constitutional steps to restore the right (by students and teachers) to pray again in public schools.  This is another great victory for the American people not mentioned by the national news media.

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